Friday, May 17, 2013

Look! A Trail...

Good morning, folks!

Don't let the happiness of the first line fool you, I'm still a mess. Now, however, I'm a mess with at least something of a plan in one area of my life, and that is usually all I need to get me started on the road to recovery from things like the crappy mental state I've been in.

Game wise, I'll most likely be running Champions every other Saturday evening. I'm looking at a Bronze-/Iron-Age hybrid in terms of tone. It will be a "team book", and as such, once I get the players nailed down, they are going help in the world-building process. I am looking at helping them as a group and individually build characters that will add some elements to the game world. In short, I'm hoping to use their back stories as a foundation/framework, and then build off of that.

Personally, I am hoping to initially come to the table with anything "pre-planned" and set in stone. I'm not even coming into this with a city/setting. That will all (hopefully) come from them. In short, I'm looking at changing my GM-ing paradigm. Instead of "here's *my* world, come play in it if you dare", I'm looking at "hey, thanks for inviting me into your world and letting me mess around in it".

It's a much different approach than what I am used to. I hope it works.

As for players, I am looking for players who *LOVE/READ* superhero comics that can show up consistently, and by consistently I'm talking like "24 sessions out of 25"-type consistency. This is the one genre where continuity is a big factor, and it ruins it for all if there frequent missing gaps.

Just sayin'...

-- GopherDave 


  1. I'd love this but:
    I don't know if I can manage it. Or even if I can play the kind of game you want. And I haven't gamed without Sean in a long, long time.

  2. Here, here on the idea itself! And additional kudos to you for the attempt. I really hope it works well and, as it is Supers and I do love Supers RPGs in general and Champions specifically, I can't wait for you to blog about the experience.

    New Champions? Old 4th Edition Champions? Diet Champions with Lemon? Curious as to which version you're using.

  3. As much as I am fond of Champions 4th (in which I have a playtest credit), I will be giving 6th Edition/Champions Complete another chance.

    I'm hoping things go well. I really sort of need this outlet in order to be right.