Monday, May 06, 2013

Rule of Thumb...

If you buy an item to replace an item with a missing part, that part shall reveal itself in a relatively short order of time. I'm pretty certain this is to be case in point, today I bought a new (cheap) digital camera to use for blog pictures since I cannot find the charge cable for the one I had been using. Thus, when I go home tonight, the cable will miraculously reveal itself after being missing for the better part of two months.

That all said, I have a new camera. =P

We finally had the city inspectors out today, and it was far less of a hassle than I thought it would be. The two things we have to correct are moving a refrigerator to grant three feet of access space to our electrical breakers, and having the electrical work we had done inspected by an electrician that is licensed by the city to actually do the work. Never mind that the guy we had do the original work is union, a (very distant) relative, and been doing electrical work in the area for close to ten years. Nope, since he does not hold a license with A PARTICULAR CITY WHICH OUR BUSINESS IS SITUATED, his work is not good enough to pass without inspection by someone else. Oddly, this same municipality wonders why it has long-standing problems attracting businesses to set up shop within its confines. I'm not a politician, but this doesn't seem to be rocket science, folks...

Overall, though, those are minor nitpicks, and easy ones to fix.

Onward, into the hopefully-soon-to-be-regular-once-again breach...

-- GopherDave 

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