Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Slogging Without A Path...

Things are moving along here in the store, with sales being steady and what not. In general, today I handled things being just me for the early part just fine, but it would have been *REALLY NICE* to have had a second person for a couple of spurts of traffic we did get.

Trying to get various permits in place still... We had an electrician who *IS* licensed by the city come out and look at the work the previous guy did. He proclaimed it all good, but for the life of us, neither he nor I know exactly what the city wants us to do. Multiple calls into the city building inspectors gave us nothing except hits on voice mail. *le sigh*

I'm getting the urge to run another RPG game again. I just don't know when the time is going to happen. As it goes, I have a Deadlands: Reloaded game I'd love to restart, but the primary players in it have to stop having  health issues and such. NOTE: I'm being *ENTIRELY* facetious here. I, more than anyone, understand how health can affect gaming.

As for what else I would run, I'm toying with a couple of campaign concepts. One is a straight superheroes game where roles/archetypes would be more strictly enforced than I've done in the past, but it would *not* use my standard go-to world background I've been adding to for decades. The other concept is a "classic" cyberpunk/X-files hybrid. Think Shadowrun with the magic replaced by alien tech and monsters that go bump in the night. I'd like to use DICEBAG for either game, but then I would have to actually *WRITE* powers and/or cybertech mechanics to work with those rules, and where the spare time for *THAT* is coming form, I have exactly *ZERO* idea.

Ehhh... I'll toss stuff around for a bit longer. See if I can get any sort of spare time to make this a reality...

-- GopherDave --


  1. Glad the store's coming along ok, despite the headaches.
    Those are some cool game ideas. The only super-hero game I've played was 3 or 4 sessions of Champions about 10 years ago. It's something I'd like to tackle some time. I'm waiting my turn to run Iron Kingdoms, but I also have a couple of game ideas I'd like to run, I'm just not sure which system. I'm split on 3.5 or 4e D&D which we already have books for, but I'm also curious to try Savage Worlds and Pathfinder. I just got everyone to buy into IK during the winter, though, so probably won't be able to sell them on new games for a while.

  2. Hey, Delf...

    Champions/HERO System is my go to game for superheroes. Nothing else really comes close, though Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition is pretty damn good. M&M3E's main drawback to me is that the book reads like it was organized by a blind wombat with Tourette's.

    Iron Kingdoms intrigues me as a system and a background (I *LOVE* Warmachine/Hordes), but it is nothing I've had time to try.

    Savage Worlds is good, but it really sort of has a pulpy feel to it, no matter what genre you stick into it, so your mileage may vary.

  3. Pulpy is what I was thinking of. I just wanted to do a simple Conanesque, hack & slash, rescue the princess and find the treasure kind of game for a while. Shallow but fun. If I used 4e I could make my own monsters based on giant slugs and other creepy crawlies quite easily, but there are a lot of things about 4e that bug me.
    Incidentally, what I've heard about the new D&D doesn't make me too hopeful. Everything I've read seems like they're trying too hard to please everyone, which means they've either found a magic formula or it's going to suck.