Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Space Hunting

We have an appointment to look at a space on Thursday morning. Currently in the space a carpet store/warehouse. They've got some extra space they're not using and they are willing to modify their building to give us a discreet space.

I'm not expecting any great shakes, but I could be pleasantly surprised. The location is not terrible. It's near the power shopping corridor of town and it's close to bus lines that run longer than the ones that service our current location. It still nowhere near the center of town, which makes me a bit leery. It has a big lot full of free parking, but it does need to be resurfaced. Numbers haven't been brought up since whatever modifications we request will affect what they charge us in rent.

Still, it has possibilities, and the chance to have an approximately 4000sf space laid out pretty much to our specifications makes this something we at least have to look at and consider.

As it stands, nothing is definite, but it's all possibilities...

peace... GopherDave

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