Monday, February 28, 2011

[MONDAY MUSIC] – GWAR/Violence Has Arrived

            Okay, this is going to be short, simple, and to the point.

            One, GWAR has been a guilty pleasure of mine since Scumdogs of the Universe. What can I say? Tuneful, crunchy, and funny adolescent rock appeals to me.

            Two, GWAR albums, while they vary in quality, are pretty much like Grateful Dead records. They are reasons for the band to tour. GWAR is first and foremost a band to be experienced live for the over the top spectacle of aural and visual assault happens on stage. Seeing the Scumdogs live is something I implore every fan of metal music to do at least once. Just don’t wear anything you value.

            Three, as stated earlier, GWAR albums vary in quality… wildly. There are good ones, like Scumdogs of the Universe and America Must Be Destroyed. There are also very bad ones, like We Kill Everything. This is one of the good ones.

            On Violence Has Arrived, GWAR decided to stop screwing around trying to be the Frank Zappa of the shock-/punk-rock, and just get back to their metal roots. It’s a bracing change from the previous few discs. It also gives me the biggest piece of ammunition to use against those that say that GWAR can’t play. If you can find it, go listen to Immortal Corruptor. It’s tight… It’s technical… it’s indicative of what’s on the rest of the record… and it RAWKS!!!

            Period. End of statement.

GopherDave Grade: 7.8/10

Track Listing

01. Hell Intro
02. Battle Lust
03. Abyss of Woe
04. Anti-Anti-Christ
05. The Apes of Wrath
06. Immortal Corruptor
07. Beauteous Rot
08. Licksore
09. Bloody Mary
10. Biledriver
11. The Wheel
12. The Song of Words
13. Happy Death-Day

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  1. I commend you on the amount of restraint it must have taken to wait this long for a GWAR review. ;)