Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day 152 of 362

It's Thursday, and I still feel like I'm trying to catch up from the holiday. Today's agenda includes a Savage Worlds one-shot (due to the sudden cancellation of tonight's Pathfinder session), Emperor MtG, and Zug's Champions game. I'm in Zug's game, but Skribl will be manning the counter so I can hopefully concentrate on playing.

After that, we will probably hit a Midnight movie of X-Men: First Class as a bunch of Gophers. Folks are invited to tag along.

I'm going to run now, as I have some things that should be done before I hit the store.

Toodles... GopherDave


  1. The boy... I tend not to use real names on the blog and, thus, resort to nicknames.

    -- GD