Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 319 of 362

It's morning... in November... in the Midwest... Sweaters were a good choice for a uniform piece.

Hello, Wednesday... When I get to the store this morning, I will have packages waiting for me. It's shipment day. Amongst all of that, there are a number of things I must do. In fact, it's days like this when I cannot wait to finally move to a larger space with a separate office/back room. Then, I can hire someone (or a few someones), to do some of the basic work while I take care of most of the behind-the-scenes stuff. While we could do that now, but I would have no place to work, as I sort of need physical/visual separation for myself to fully let others do what I've entrusted them to do.

Preliminary negotiations have started for the choosing of the new spot. We have some ideas of how we want to proceed, now we just have to be patient and move at the speed of others.

I'll just be over here in the corner, patiently gnawing off my own arm... (I so want this started...)

-- GopherDave