Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Different, But Not Bad...

So... Last night was the start of the Pathfinder game I recently joined. It was... good... -ish... As an adventuring group we don't know each other, and that is playing out in various arguments we've already had amongst the party. Near the tail end of the session, things began to settle down as we discovering each of the other character's... nuances, shall we say. I've no doubt that we will be able to get along as people at the table. Group dynamics, though, will be interesting.

Back in the real world, Loq is getting a lockdown on a set of rules which will be made into signs and posted in about three to five key places around the store. Yours truly still gets final approval, but my darling wife is a damn good wordsmith, and if there are changes, they'll probably just be minor ones at best. On that subject, there are some many things I want to say on a conduct sign, but most (read: all) of them are not worded in a "family-friendly" manner, and that's bad, mmmmmkay...

Nothing much going on besides that. I need to do a bit of planning, but I think we will be splitting orders up starting next week where we will do orders on Monday and Thursday for our main distributor, and Tuesday for our secondary ones. The orders for the main place are getting consistently large enough that we can get away with this from a "free shipping" standpoint, and it will help improve our customer service by decreasing the time it takes for special order items that we can get through them. More work for us, but I think the change is worth it. That, plus smaller orders are faster to enter in the new system and put away.

Just some thoughts...

-- GopherDave


  1. 1 overall directive and two clarifying sentences. Pretty plain and friendly language, too.

    1. First rule of Gopher club, you don't talk about Gopher club.