Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Starting To Come Together...

Not certain how well this combination works together, though... Opinions (semi-)welcome...
Last night was the second run of Big J's Pathfinder game, and unlike the first one, we are starting to come together as a group. The two half-orcs (my character and another) are bonding over their half-orkiness, and they are also bonding (via grudging respect) with the orc-hating dwarf, who apparently only hates "half o' ya".

Our wizard is a played a young, very inexperienced player, and he's not entirely certain what the whole role-playing thing is supposed to be about, but he is VERY slowly coming around. I think this is something he will eventually be good at, given some time and patience.

Our cavalier is played by the host of the game, and he (the character) is slightly less intelligent than a fence post. In fact, stat-wise, outside of the mage, my half-orc rogue is the second most intelligent character at the table. I would weep for us all, except that I've played this character before in another game (I'm playing him here as a "do-over"). For the most part, the character is pretty damn cagey, and as a player, I've held more disparate groups together.

While I was off gallivanting near the town of Sandpoint, Skribl was holding down the fort/store. He's getting better at it, but I need to express to him that he should not (no matter how much customers/friends beg you) play games while he is on duty. If something happens in a game that causes the situation to go emotionally awry, if he's not in the game, he can play unbiased arbitrator and calm things down. If he's in the game, he loses that impartial credibility, even if just subconsciously, among the other players. It places the *STORE* (which should be impartial) in a biased position, and emotional folks tend to make rash decisions like not coming back because they feel the store is "against them". Nothing major like that has happened (yet), but it could, and until I wrote this down just now, I couldn't figure out how to express that to him that made logical sense.

For as smart as I seem to be on an instinctual level, I *REALLY* wish it wouldn't take me so long to verbalize my reasoning sometimes.


  1. You can always simply make it a store policy - "No employee [from the top down] will play games while on the clock."

    I'm not sure how this works when one of you fills in for a Magic tournament, but you can carve out a specific "unless requested to fill in a game by a manager, and there is at least one other non-playing employee on duty."

  2. Oh.

    Then there's always the option of a 2x4 with some nails sticking out of one end...

  3. I love that color combo Dave. It is a fun and different.

  4. Chris: Like Loq said... we did that. Still trying to figure out what's up on that front.

    Rick: Thanks, sir! The picture makes the sweater seem more orange than it is. In reality, it's pretty much a true red. You're right that it is a fun and different combo... not certain I'll do it again, as it doesn't really fit my coloration, but it was good to try.

  5. I like it. The tie and vest work really well together. A darker shirt might look better though. Black or whatever color that is on the tie bordering the stripes... charcoal?

    That's my 2 cents.