Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Aftereffect...

Much of what has happened at CasaGopher today has been on the relaxing side. Even though I had a vacation last week, it is nice just to "turn off" GopherDave and just be Dave for a bit. I need that relaxation time to settle down and think about gaming stuff.

During the down time today, I got an idea for yet another setting, but it is one I need to consult with my more science-oriented friends about. The idea is more space opera than hard science fiction, but there are some questions I need answers for in order to make the setting to be more believable to both the players and myself. Right now, I'm thinking light-/heat-based weapons technology and ceramic based armors, with a mood closer to Deep Space 9/Babylon 5 than Blade Runner/Star Wars. I'm still working out some social details in my head, but thoughts may hit "paper" soon enough.

System-wise, I am looking at the homebrew I'm currently twonking on, and ideas on how to incorporate non-human races into said system have finally been ruminating in my skull. I'm hoping to find time tonight to look at what I have so far and actually get some work done.

Wish me some form of luck...

-- GopherDave

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