Thursday, September 27, 2012


Not much is going on here at the store as folks are saving up for the new Magic: The Gathering set and the new Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marine figures that are releasing next weekend. The next few days are looking pretty nutty with Pre-Release events for said MtG set happening this Saturday. I am looking at spending roughly 40 hours straight in the store. For that alone, I deem myself crazed.
I am looking at starting a couple of campaigns here in the next few weeks. At least one of these will involve the game system I have been working on, though I would prefer it to be both. One of the groups has been recently turned on to Savage Worlds, more specifically Deadlands, and they are interested in trying it out. I may very well indulge them as I have a fair amount of stuff for Deadlands lying about. I'd consider doing Deadlands: Hell on Earth (Reloaded), but that book doesn't actually come out until November. I scored a couple of copies at GenCon, but the Loquacious one absconded with one of those tomes.
Overall, I should be running nothing by playtest games, but I am fairly certain I will not have time to actually write for the system if run multiple, concurrent playtest games.
This will have to be cogitated upon... after this weekend...
-- GopherDave

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