Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gladly Done And Getting Out Of Control...

Last night was the final night of Savage Worlds playtest for Terracide, and I will be the first to admit that my heart was not into it. I like Shady. He's one of my best friends and was the best man at my wedding, but I honestly could not wait for this playtest to be over. I really don't know why, and it is rare that I feel that way about a game, but it had overstayed its welcome to me.

In three weeks, we get back to Xia Ling-Jien and the crew of the Sovereign. I, for one, cannot wait. As a result of some story bits last night, though, we have some new problems to deal with. Those'll be... fun.

Once the store closes tonight and I catch up on some business paperwork, I'll be trying to do some work on Dicebag/Tai'eres. I have some genre work to do for the Sci-Fi, Western, and "X-files" settings I am working on. Some of that will be simply finding some genre appropriate weapons and assigning some statistics to them. Given the the general simplicity of the rules structure for how weapons function in this system, it's almost totally comparative work with what I've already done.

Looking over the current working document, I may just start dividing concepts into smaller, working modules that cover various subjects like armor, weapons, skills, and other things in order to not overwhelm myself. While I am good at writing when I focus on it, as a writing project grows, I start to get overwhelmed by its ever-expanding size and shut down. DICEBAG is, counting various notes as well as the current core and genre documents, roughly about 80-100 pages in size. It is getting large enough that I have difficulty focusing and any one aspect of the and getting it right before I move onto something else. Anytime I write or change something in the game, it's like throwing a pebble in a lake and watching the ripple effect. I see the ripples and how they will change various sections, and I become obsessed to "fix everything" before moving on or even finishing the section I am in.

This is all purely psychological, and it is all on me. It's *MY* issue, but I do have ways to combat the anxiety, as long as I employ them...

-- GopherDave

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