Thursday, January 06, 2011

Day 6 of 352

One of my favorite ties, with one of my new favorite shirts.

Once again, so far, so good. In about a month or so, things are going to get pretty boring. I have more shirts on the way, but they are all white. Basic, but goes with just about anything. I also have some pants on the way. Nothing fancy, just some chino/Docker/khaki contrivances from J.C.Penney. The price was right, and I made the realization that I am WORKING in them. Granted, working retail doesn't involve a *LOT* of physical labor, but it does involve more than I'm willing chance a $200+ pair of gray, worsted flannel trousers with, no matter how comfortable those pants might be. One snag and those pants are ruined. No... better to not splurge on something that has a fair chance of being "destroyed" at work.

Going along with the boring front, I also have a dozen sweater vests on the way with the store logo embroidered on them. They are acrylic (ugh!), but again, they're for work, and they're much rougher wearing than merino wool or cashmere. They should be here by the end of the month, just in time to unveil them at the local gaming convention we attend every year. There... I'm going to get some very shocked reactions.

That leaves about the only changing piece in the equation being the necktie. Those are something I own 200+ of and am always on the lookout for more that appeal to me.

It's okay, though. Taking and posting the pictures will go on despite the blandness as I have begun building a routine around this whole blogging thing, and routines are the easiest way for me to build and preserve self-discipline. Once something becomes a habit, I'm no longer "forcing" myself to do it and it ceases to be drudgery.

Later today, the wife and I and some trusted friends are going to look at new places for our little retail establishment. We've outgrown the old one about a year ahead of schedule, plus we have a year left on our current lease. Last time we moved the store, we had about three weeks to find a place and move everything due to our previous landlord not getting back to us with what they wanted to hike the rent up to until then. Never mind that I had started asking about that matter some four and a half months previous. *SIGH* What can you do.

So, instead of being rushed, we had planned to take our time and do it right this time. Silly us.

Onward! To look at big, empty spaces... to haggle about overpriced rent... to consider very mundane things like automobile access, bus routes, parking, utilities, crime rate, the condition of an HVAC unit, and other what not... to envision what the store could be "in that space"... to think of the possibilities... =)

- GopherDave

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