Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Small Tasks... Many Small Tasks...

As we enter the new year, the wife and I are looking at ways we can make our store better. She's currently working on a policy manual, which I will look over and help her adjust. I'm currently working on a shift schedule that includes both of us (instead of just me) and have just finished a preliminary cleaning schedule, which she will have to look at and help me adjust .

As part of my New Year's Resolution, I've changed how I present myself at the store. The changes are starting to pay dividends. Customers seem pleased that we're stepping up our game. They're smiling a bit more and it SEEMS like they are spending more money. I say it seems because I only have four days worth of data to study thus far. There are also other factors to consider.

Long story short, we're taking a store which pretty much grew despite my general lack of effort beyond orders, supply, and restocks, and we're actually putting even more effort into it to make it as good as we can make it. The place is ready to explode business-wise, even more than it already has. We can feel it... ...and it's kind of exciting.

I hope we're ready...

peace... GopherDave

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