Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day 33 of 362

Okay... so "Snowmageddon" wasn't all it was hyped to be. It's still REALLY cold and makes me all the more glad of my adoption of the sweater vest as part of my store uniform.

Not much is going on today, and I expect not much will be going on at the store since all we have going on today is a couple of RPGs.

Right now, my largest worry is whether or not the shipment from Wizards of the Coast gets here in time for the release date of MtG: Mirrodin Besieged. My other distributors shipped early due to the weather. Not WotC... "Our shipping hub is down here in Texas and we're just fine, so all you Midwestern folks can just jump into one of your copious snowbanks... We'll ship as normal and y'all can HOPE it gets to you on time."

I love it how WotC gets all bent out of shape when a store breaks street date on product because doing so gives a store an "unfair advantage". However, shipping some stores said product late is perfectly okay because "they tried". Oh wait... no they didn't, and that's why the bulk of our MtG product might be late.

Sometimes,  I love this business... sometimes...

peace... GopherDave

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