Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Day 213 of 362

The heat index is supposed to be something cray like 115 degrees. Even *I* know when to leave the sweater at home.

Hey all... Tuesday it is and it's time to go do some orders for the store, as well as try to get some other work knocked out as well. Tonight's events are Gregghawk (closed D&D3.5 game) and Casual MtG. We've been getting some call for a Yu-Gi-Oh day, but that's still not a scene we're looking to bring into the store. With that scene comes a heavier than average shoplifting issue, and I have no desire to call the cops of some young kid. I like being able to sleep at night and look at myself in the mirror, thank you.

Going beyond that, this week has reminded me that regardless of how far we've grown as a store, we're still not as big as we could or should be. Hopefully we'll soon be plotting the next move in the "Armored Gopher Games Plan for World Domination", but I do know that some moves we have made financially have put a crimp in that progress for the immediate future. We'll recover, of that have no doubt. The timing of said moves was just more than a bit off on our part, and that we'll have more on our toes than we have been as of late.

Well... of to do work. Y'all take care...

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