Thursday, August 04, 2011

Day 215 of 362

The thermometer says it's 79 degrees outside, but (according to them) it feels like 95. How does this happen? Either way, no sweater vest today...

It's Thursday... Not much is going on at the store for me. We have Deathwatch and Savage Worlds: Hellfrost happening, but I no longer run the Deathwatch game, so I'll be dealing with store business.

Loq went to register the kids for school yesterday. The process itself went well, but we were informed YESTERDAY that the boy might not graduate as he will be short on credits. This was something we (as parents) and he (as a student) asked about LAST YEAR, and his counselor worked with him and they supposedly came up with a plan that would facilitate his graduation. Come registration time, there's no hide nor hair of this plan anywhere.

As a family, we were a bit upset, and it was with that mindset that we took a meeting today at the school. Turns out, the plan was in place. There needs to be a minor adjustment made, but it's on track. This was just another case of the right hand (the assistant principal) not knowing what the left hand (the counselor) was doing, with our son's future stuck in the middle.

So, pretty much, crisis averted. We've done our part, now the boy has to do his. I believe that he will... I have faith in him...  =)

-- GopherDave

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