Sunday, June 10, 2012

4 For 40...

I worked on the event descriptions for next year's convention, and this is what I have. These have all been submitted and are awaiting approval. Since it is the fortieth year of the convention, I am calling this, as titled above, my "4 For 40". The descriptions are limited to 300 characters, so these had to be severely edited and tightened up. I'm not entirely happy with them, but they shall do.



Title: Showdown at Shadow Gulch

Genre: Western; # of Players: 6
Description: “Cattle done been diappearin’ off our lands fer a while, and th’ sheriff done took a posse ta go after th’ no-good rustlin’ varmints, but we ‘taint seen ‘em fer days. Guessin’ we gots ta call in th’ marshals, now…”

Title: Vertigo Dreams

Genre: Modern-Day Conspiracy; # of Players: 6
Description: An admissions spike to local psych care units can in no way be related to the increased use of Sueño Crystal, can it? The agents of Q-Division know better, though. When something goes bump in the night, Q-D agents are the ones who bump back. So what happens when there is a second round?

Title: The Depths of the Rainbow

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Low Fantasy; # of Players: 6
Description: In the third age of Tai’eres, survival is the prime concern. Food is scarcer than danger in the wasted lands of the world, and now, young warrior, it is your time to help insure your people’s continued existence. To the Bloodmist Peaks you wander, in search of items edible or tradable.

Title: Incident at Sigma Omicron 2

Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera;# of Players: 6
Description: A station on the fringe of Commonwealth space is not always the most low-key of places. More business, legal and illegal, is done in the watering holes of S-O2 than happens in most of Terra’s financial hubs. So no one asks a lot of questions of a paying fare that needs off the station quickly. 

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