Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breathers Are Good...

Okay... Today has been a touch busy. Add to that the fact that I overslept by about 80 minutes, and I've been behind the 8-Ball all day. Things have slowed down enough that I could do this.

Not much happened last night on the game system front. I did find some older notes that had stuff that I was looking to have to not mentally replicate. Basically notes on a magic system I've toyed with in the past, and a handful of notes concerning modern-day firearms. Having these notes helps as I am not writing a system from scratch, but instead revising one of my more successful homebrew engines.

Mentally, I did put some ducks in some rows and have determined that the work I need to do for the Winter War events can easily be done in the time I have. Now if I try to do all of the work I *WANT* to do, the time crunch becomes more pressing. Plus, it involves finding semi-talented artists who will work for cheap/nothing. Not an easy task.

Tonight, I get to play Marathon in DC Adventures, possibly for the last time. KnightErrantJR has said that we are nearing the end of the campaign. It saddens me, because I absolutely enjoy playing Marathon, but I also understand finite plot arcs. Oh well... If he runs something else in the slot, I'll jump into that, if he'll have me.

Oh well... once more, into the breach...

-- GopherDave

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