Sunday, January 09, 2011

Kick Out the Jams

Looking over to my right from the computer, I am confronted by my "wall of sound". Basically, the combined CD collection of my wife and myself. At 1200+ titles, it's fairly large. The bulk of it is "mine", but we both get a lot of pleasure out of it.

Outside of family and friends, table-top gaming (Role-Playing games, Miniatures, Board Games, and Magic: the Gathering) and music occupy the bulk of my time. I've gaming for 35 years, and collecting music for a few more. They are both core parts of me. For gaming, the bulk of my writings in this blog will probably deal with the store and the gaming that happens there. Music-wise, I am debating with perhaps adding another twist to the blog and doing a sort of weekly "review" entry where I put down my thoughts on a particular album that we own. If nothing else, it'll get me away from writing about my daily necktie fetish. If the music review thing is something that y'all would like to see, feel free to make a comment to that effect.

For store events this Sunday (today), we have a Pathfinder Society game happening and a D&D4E campaign going on in the afternoon, then board gaming slated for the evening. I am not involved with either of the RPG campaigns, so I'll try to get some work done around the store, including rough financials for the week to figure out where we stand in regard to what we can afford order-wise. There is a HUGE release near the end of the month (MtG: Mirrodin Besieged), so I've got to make certain we have money socked away for that. As for the board games? Normally, I bow out of such, but I am trying to be a better store owner and the more games I play, the more knowledge I will have to pass onto customers so they can make informed purchasing decisions. Thus, I am going to try to get a few games in each week, and stop being a Facebook/Blogger-addicted hippie. It could be worse, though... I could play World of Warcraft (which I don't, and I refuse to).

On top of all that, I need to begin organizing the logistics for Winter War, the local gaming convention we attend. Making all the parts fit around that time is usually difficult, but this year it's made doubly so with the fact that the pre-release event for the next Magic: the Gathering set is on one of the days that the convention is happening. On that day, the wife, the boy, and some selected friends will be running the booth at the convention whilst I go open the store for this one event. Once that event is done, I'm shutting the store down and heading back to the convention. I will be VERY tired.

That's it for now... I've got laundry to do...

peace... GopherDave

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